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1. Quick & Easy Access to school information.

Parents are not visiting school websites as often as they once did. The majority of our schools, that study their website analytics, have found that the number of visits are dropping and that the information they publish on it is not reaching its intended audience. It seems that most of school website activity is generated by parents looking for a school for their child. Creating a dedicated communication channel for parents in the form of an app works. One tap on the School App Icon on the Home screen of their devices and they have the information that they need. The app is available on all devices including computers/laptops, so everybody is included. Simple for parents to install.

2. Secure, One Way Communication.

An app gives the school a secure one-way channel to parents without creating a forum. Depending on social media alone for parent/student communication has been problematic for many of our client schools.

3. Parental Engagement.

AppierSchool makes it easy for teachers to showcase the work they are doing with their children. This has the effect of encouraging more parental engagement. Parents seem to have less and less downtime these days and having quick access to this information during their few moments of free time is important. Parents will always have their device with them.

4.Reducing Costs.

Implementing a school app will significantly reduce texting and printing costs. We are happy to provide references if you would like to discuss this with some of our schools.

5. Simple to use.

Our content management system is really easy to use. It is designed so that the entire team can access the section that is relevant to them. We have teachers of all competency levels happily updating their school app every day.

6.Generate funds.

Help local businesses promote their services to your school community and generate income for the school. Examples of businesses that are interested in promoting to your school community are “After school clubs”, “Plumbers”, Electricians”, “Painters”, “Fitness Instructors” amongst others. AppierSchool offer a service where we do all the work and share the annual revenue with the school. This can cover the cost of the app for the school and often generates additional income for the school. Remember this is not sponsorship. This is helping local business to promote to your school community and therefore not interfering with your sponsorship initiatives.


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