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Q: So Griselda, who are AppierCom?

A: We are a limerick based communications & technology company who develop mobile apps for business enterprises and schools.


Q: Who would use an app like this and why?

A: Our apps are useful for a range of enterprises, institutions and clubs, to help them nurture a dedicated customer or member community network around their business or brand, and ensure real-time dynamic engagement with them. It really raises a company’s customer engagement if a direct channel to the business is sitting on a customer’s phone or tablet.


Q: Surely a website does the trick? Why do you even need an app?

Research into mobile phones has shown that only 1 in 5 people will go to the effort to find and open a website on their phone, and the majority would rather choose to use an app function instead. These days we all live on our phones and do everything on them. Apps have been designed to make the user experience so much simpler and easier than on a website. I don’t know about you, but I sit at my desk at my computer and check my work emails on my phone. It sounds crazy I know, but you’d be amazed how many people do it.


Q: What kind of business are using the app?

A: If we focus on the local Limerick Community alone:

We are very popular with Business Networking Groups: Limerick Chamber of Commerce are using our app for their members, and we are currently developing one of the Mid West Mentoring business networking group

An app is ideal for Sports & Social Clubs: Limerick GAA have our app to communicate all their news and activities to the team and their wide group of supporters. Vistakon, based here in Raheen, have also just launched an app for their Sports & Social Club.

Higher Level Education & Business Courses: Limerick Institution of Technology are using our app to communicate with their students, and we’ve developed an app for Ingenium’s Smart Choice Leadership Course at the University of Limerick.

The app is great for the Arts too: We are developing an app for the Lime Tree Theatre, so all their patrons can easily find out what shows are on and book from their phones. We can also make apps for concert halls, museums and galleries.

On a national scale, Unions are another big area for us: We are currently developing apps for the PD Forra and Mandate Unions. They have huge numbers of members, and they need to be able to send messages to all of them, provide important support, highlight key events, and offer benefits to the members. SMS texting their thousands of members is very costly. By using an app to deliver important messages, the unions can save a great deal of money.

We also build apps for Charities, Racecourses, Museums, and anyone who wants to nurture a dedicated group of followers and provide them with instant, up to date convenient access to their events, products, etc., from the comfort of their smartphone or tablet.


Q: It’s that time of year again when everyone is heading back to school. You guys also specialise in producing apps for schools?

A: Yes this is a really big area for us – producing Apps for Schools. We have an app product called Appierschool which is a one way school to parent communication app. The new school year is about to start and we are really encouraged that Schools have begun to recognise that having an app to communicate directly to parents will make a huge difference for them, particularly in terms of costs.


Q: Schools spend a fortune on sending text messages to parents and posting letters to them, and the amount of paper they burn through on notes to parents is massive. Isn’t that right?

A: Yes, and using a school-to-parent communication app can change all that, as well as guarantee that all the parents get the messages when they are sent out to them.


Q: How many parents do you know who’ve missed that important note left in their child’s rucksack, or overlooked an important email about a match or a parent teacher meeting because their inbox is overloaded?

A: That’s exactly right. For parents, being able to check their school’s calendar, receive real time messages, and be informed about their child’s daily homework, all on an app on their mobile phone, just makes life that little bit simpler.


Q: Does the app let parents see a child’s homework?

A: Yes. Teachers can post the home work on the app. If parent’s have an app, then no kids will get away with telling their parents they have no homework, when they’ve been set loads, anymore!


Q: Which schools have you made an app for already?

A: We’ve been making apps for primary and secondary schools all over Ireland. In our Munster region a couple of examples would be Knockea, Donoughmore and Monaleen Primary Schools here in Limerick, and CBS Ennis and Deerpark CBS secondary schools in Co.Clare and Cork.

We have produced apps in Irish for gealscoils such as Peig Seyers in Cork and Bhradain Feasa in Meath, and we are also working with schools who belong to various education groups such as the Educate Together Schools Network and the Edmund Rice Schools Trust.


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