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  1. Think Before You Post.
  2. Respect Respect Respect
  3. Never Share Personal Information.
  4. Never send a Rude or Nasty message. Never reply to a Nasty message or Comment.
  5. Friending
    – Be Choosey about your Friends online.
    – Only Friend people you know in the Real World
    – Catch Phrase: “A Friend of a Friend is not your Friend”
  1. Encourage your child to talk to you if they receive or see something that worries them.
  1. Say No to Secret Friendships and tell you if they receive one.
  2. Never Share Passwords.
  3. Trust their Instincts – “If it doesn’t FEEL quite right – just don’t Click on it”
  4. Ensure they know how to Screen Shot on their device.

Treat you Online World in the same way as the Real World

While many of Tips and Behaviours outlined above might seem simple and obvious, it’s important as a Parent to understand children’s attitudes and behaviours online when conveying these messages to your child.

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