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Apart from exploring and watching video, children go online predominantly for two reasons these days.

  1. To have fun and socialise with their friends.
  2. Play games.

If your child is playing games online with an XBOX or PlayStation, then that console is not just a gaming device, it’s a Social Media box.

Ask any pre-teen or teenage girl these days: 

  • “Did you have good night out with your friends’ darling? “
  • In her bedroom, on her own, on phone, on Snapchat with twelve of her Friends.
  • The response might be – “Mom I had a great night out …”

Your child has an “Online World”. A place they go where they socialise with their friends. A place where many children spend more time than they do on real world recreational activities.
As parents, we supervise every aspect of our children’s lives to keep them safe.


  • Do you supervise your child’s Online World? Do you Really supervise it?
  • Have you set real Rules and Boundaries for the internet in your home?
  • Do you have real conversations about that part of your child’s life?
  • Do you know who your child talks to online?
    • A Friend?
    • A Bully?
    • A Predator?


If the answer is “NO” to any of the above, then Well Done for being honest.

Now take the next step and extend your Parenting skills to your child’s Online World.

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