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One of the common arguments for using a ‘Native App’ is that they offer a ‘Push Notification’ feature. A ‘Push Notification’ is a message that you send to all the app users that pops up on their screen relaying the message in real time to the user. Its key selling point is that it is free and replaces SMS Texting thereby reducing/removing all SMS texting costs. To all intents and purposes, it sounds like an ideal solution.

However, having initially adopted Push Notifications ourselves, we discovered, that they are not all they promised to be. We found that our school clients continued to rely on SMS Texts for critical messaging to parents because they found that Push Notifications proved to be unreliable. The conclusion schools have been sharing with us is that SMS Texts, despite their cost, are 100% reliable and the most effective way to communicate with parents. For schools, guaranteeing their messages reach every parent 100% of the time is critical. The 80% success rate of push notifications is just not good enough for schools. They need to be able to contact parents on all mobile devices – not just smart ones.


So why have Push Notifications proved to be so unreliable for schools?

Push Notifications rely on a number of conditions in order to work successfully.

1. The app user (parent) needs to have turned on the push notification settings on their device.

2. The user must be online in order to receive the push notification at the time it is sent

3. Push Notifications are not supported on all types of mobile devices


Our solution:

Appierschool has concluded that the best solution to this problem is to find a way to combine SMS Texting in parallel to the App itself.

· We offer an SMS Texting Bundle at a significant discount to most competing text bundles, to be used for Critical Messaging only

· All other messages, will also be posted on the message board within the app, to be read at the parents’ leisure

This will have the effect of ensuring that 100% of parents will have access to all messages 100% of the time, and that no Critically Urgent Messages will go astray.

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